bio picRoger Webb is an award-winning animator, set designer and fine artist. Acclaimed studios such as Cartoon Network, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers and Disney have all commissioned Roger’s brilliant color designs for hit shows: Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, and Star War's animated miniseries Clone Wars.

While touring Europe, Roger designed sets exclusively for international Dance Choreographer, Jacque Heim and his modern, acrobatic dance company, Diavolo Dance Theater. Roger enhanced the show’s captivating brilliance by creating moving set pieces, such as a massive staircase for the dancers to display brazen choreography. This award-winning staircase contained hidden doors and hinged steps that opened like a live version of an Escher drawing. For this and other inspired designs, Roger won two consecutive Lester Horton Dance Awards.

The son of a Naval Officer, Roger grew up playing sports in San Diego, California. Art was always present in his life, but it wasn’t until he saw Walt Disney’s, Fantasia, that his mind was opened to art and animation as a way of life. Roger received his art education at California Institute of the Arts, and as a student in the School of Character Animation, he was continually driven by the impact of that first viewing of Disney's, Fantasia. While at Cal Arts, the lure of the paintbrush proved irresistible, and he proceeded to experiment with his chosen medium. A loose curriculum and an attentive mentor enabled him to learn techniques and skills that translate easily between animation and fine art.

As a painter, Roger Webb is an emerging force on the Los Angeles fine art scene, inspired by the native California experience and travels abroad. He has participated in numerous art auctions benefitting the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Burbank Family Services and CARE Cottages. And has progressed into bigger galleries such as M Modern in Palm Springs, California. He has also established a new Art show called, "Art Mitzvah" to promote fresh artists and their work to a community where they would otherwise be overlooked. This innovative young artist has already gained great praise for his long and colorful compositions, as well as his strong animated style. With his art, Roger intends to create a bridge between art as therapy for the artist, and art as therapy for the community.



The Disney film "Fantasia" meant a lot to me growing up. I had just graduated high school and felt that art was not an option to pursue financially, yet I craved to do it. I saw the film and it opened my eyes to an art form unknown to me and opened my eyes to a definitive future. Unlike other Disney classics, this film had been designed like flowing works of art...colors and movement beautifully synchronized to classical music. This is at the core of my work, conveying mood with dancing vibrant colors and strong design. Like Michaelangelo's sketches, you see a gorgeous drawing, but beyond that, you see the construction lines, the cross-hatched lines that convey shadow and depth, you see the pencil strokes and the thought behind every line drawn, I too like keeping my paintings rough like in progress.. always progressing, always moving, hiding few lines and showing my thoughts and mistakes as I progress. And then I have burrowed in my brain years upon years of color composition and animation which has seared a viscerally kinetic style that runs rampant throughout all of my pieces. The patterns, colors, textures and sweeping curves of the line, all come together to convey motion and emotion. Constantly struggling, constantly striving, the paintings and myself are an ever-evolving work in flux, flowing toward something special, hopefully exposing some truth and beauty along the way... and so enjoying the ride!



2011- Swimming with the Fishes, M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2010- Wild Kingdom, M Modern Gallery, Los Angeles, CA



2011 - Breast Cancer Awareness, Gallery Godo, Los Angeles, CA

Brewery Art Walk, Diavolo Theater Space, Los Angeles, CA

Happy 2, Gallery Godo, Los Angeles, CA

2010 - Book of Tiki Tenth Anniversary, M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2009 - Distorted View, Gallery Godo, Los Angeles, CA

A Broken Promise of the Flying Car, M Modern Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Abstraction Distraction II, M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2008 - Abstraction Distraction I, M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2007 - Art Mitzvah, Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles, CA



1997 - Lester Horton Dance Award- outstanding achievement in set design- Series de Tete.

1995 - Lester Horton Dance Award- outstanding achievement in visual (set) design- Tete en L'Air